Insurance Declaration

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Insurance Declaration 2014 & Emergency Contact Details

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I hereby confirm that I have in full force and effect a policy of Public Liability Insurance covering the above mentioned vessel, which policy includes insurance against any and all third party claims, how so ever arising, in the amount of not less than €2 million per incident.
I hereby confirm that the above policy is in effect and undertake not to race or participate in any Garrykennedy Sailing Club event, race or series where the above insurances are not in effect, whether because they have not been renewed or otherwise.
I hereby confirm that I alone am responsible for obtaining and maintaining adequate insurance for the above named vessel, and for determining the adequacy of such insurance.
I hereby indemnify Garrykennedy Sailing Club, its officers, agents, employees and Members against any and all claims that might arise as a result of an incident involving myself, my crew and my vessel.
Yours sincerely,