Race Notices & Calendar 2015

Notice of Race; Sailing Instructions; Race Calendar

All Notice of Race requirements are set out in the Sailing Instructions and in the Race Calendar details of which are set out below. This, together with the information on this page, gives details of entry requirements, eligibility, dates and location of races, start times and briefings, all of the small print that goes with any sailing event or series of races. Details of the handicapping system in operation can be found in the Handicaps section of the web site.

GSC Racing Calendar 2015

GSC runs 4 main race series during the season, each comprising 5 races over 4 or 5 weekends called the April, May, September and October Series. These run from late March to late October. Racing in May and September is held jointly with our sister club, Iniscealtra Sailing Club (ISC) from Mountshannon, with several races in each of the April and October Series now also Joint Races.

During the Summer months (June to August) we hold several one-off major races with both Iniscealtra and Lough Derg Yacht Club, as well as hosting our annual "FUN RACES" where no spinnakers are flown ( the white sail races) with the purpose of getting our family sailors out enjoying the fun on Lough Derg without the added complication of a spinnaker. The LDYC races are held during LDYC's Regatta week, this year from August 10th to 16th.

We have other big events in our calendar each year, the Women on the Water Weekend June 7/8th, dedicated to getting our Women Members out there for the hottest and most closely fought race of the season which this year we are combining with the Killaloe Pink Ribbon Walk - Pink Clothing Mandatory. We also have our annual club outing, and overnight picnic, to Dromaan.

The Detailed Series Race Calendars (and links thereto) are as set out below: