Race Notices & Calendar 2014

Notice of Race; Sailing Instructions; Race Calendar

All Notice of Race requirements are set out in the Sailing Instructions and in the Race Calendar details of which are set out below. This, together with the information on this page, gives details of entry requirements, eligibility, dates and location of races, start times and briefings, all of the small print that goes with any sailing event or series of races. Details of the handicapping system in operation can be found in the Handicaps section of the web site.

GSC Racing Calendar 2014

GSC runs 4 main race series during the season, each comprising 5 races over 4 or 5 weekends called the April, May, September and October Series. These run from late March to late October. Racing in May and September is held jointly with our sister club, Iniscealtra Sailing Club (ISC) from Mountshannon, with several races in each of the April and October Series now also Joint Races.

During the Summer months (June to August) we hold several one-off major races with both Iniscealtra and Lough Derg Yacht Club, as well as hosting our annual “FUN RACES” where no spinnakers are flown ( the white sail races) with the purpose of getting our family sailors out enjoying the fun on Lough Derg without the added complication of a spinnaker. The LDYC races are held during LDYC’s Regatta week, this year from August 10th to 16th.

We have other big events in our calendar each year, the Women on the Water Weekend June 7/8th, dedicated to getting our Women Members out there for the hottest and most closely fought race of the season which this year we are combining with the Killaloe Pink Ribbon Walk – Pink Clothing Mandatory. We also have our annual club outing, and overnight picnic, to Dromaan.

The Detailed Series Race Calendars (and links thereto) are as set out below:

April Series 2014

The April Series 2014 runs from March 29th to April 19th, a total of 4 Saturdays, on the last one of which there will be 2 races, held back to back.

May Series 2014

The May Series runs from April 26th through May 24th, over 5 Saturdays, with starts alternating between Garrykennedy and Mountshannon. This is an “Open” race period with Iniscealtra Sailing Club.

Summer Series 2014

The “Round the Islands” Race, introduced in 2013, will be sailed on May 31st, the Saturday of the June Bank Holiday weekend. We host a social event for those competing afterwards in Garrykennedy – Pimm’s on the Pontoon!

During the Summer Months, the club hosts fun races, “White Sail” Races, with no spinnakers, so that lightly crewed boats can compete.

LDYC, in Dromineer, also host 2 races at the beginning and end of their Regatta Week. The LDYC Races will be held on Sunday, August 10th (Garanfada Cup) and Saturday, August 16th 2014 (LDYC Visitors Cup). If you want to compete in the Koe Cup, which is a series comprising 6 Trophy Races, 2 each at ISC, GSC and LDYC, you must compete in at least 1 of the LDYC Races.

September Series 2014

The September Series kicks off again at the end of August, August 23rd and continues through September 20th. The long distance race of Lough Derg, the Gortmore Bell, is held during this series, this year on September 13th out of Mountshannon.

October Series 2014

The October Race Series starts on September 27th and continues on 5 Saturdays through October 25th. 

 Open Races

Throughout the season, there are many races which are “Open Races” in which boats owned by fully paid members of our sister clubs on Lough Derg are also eligible to compete. These races can be held in Garrykennedy, Mountshannon (Iniscealtra Sailing Club “ISC”) or Dromineer (Lough Derg Yacht Club “LDYC”) depending on which club is hosting that particular event.

Details of the Open Races and their briefing and start times are set out in the detailed Race Calendar for each Series. The majority of the Open Races take place in May and September, and provide great opportunities for larger fleet racing.

Keo Cup (Inter Club Trophy)

This cup is awarded by LDYC, and is based on 2 designated races in each of the three clubs, a total of 6 races, but must include at least one of the two LDYC specified races. 2 discards are allowed. The races used for this trophy are as follows:

  • ISC Commodore’s Cup – Saturday, May 17th 2014
  • LDYC Garanfada Cup – Sunday, August 10th 2014 – note this Race is always on a Sunday
  • LDYC Visitors Cup – Saturday, August 16th 2014
  • ISC Gortmore Bell – Saturday, September 13th 2014
  • GSC Ciss Ryan Trophy – Saturday, September 20th 2014
  • GSC Visitors Cup – Saturday, October 4th 2013

Class 1 and Class 2

The fleet is divided in to 2 fleets, with separate start times, to give each of the fleets closer racing, with Class 2 (smaller/slower boats) starting 15 minutes ahead of Class 1 so that all boats finish as close to each other as possible (all other things being equal). The allocation of boats and split of handicaps applicable to each of Class 1 and Class 2 is determined by the GSC Handicap Committee.

Gortmore Bell – September 13th

ISC host an annual long distance race in early September, which starts in Mountshannon, heads north up Lough Derg to the Gortmore Buoy near Terryglass (at the top of Lough Derg) before returning back again to Mountshannon. This race takes the entire day, with an early start out of Mountshannon. It regularly features up to 45 boats.

Prizes & Trophies

There are daily race prizes, typically glassware and wine (to sate the thirst of the winning crews), some of which are also Trophy Races, these (plus the trophy, if any) are awarded at the daily prize-giving.

Series prizes and special prizes are awarded at the Laying Up Supper, this year (provisionally) on November 1st 2014.

Women on the Water Races – June 7th 2014 – Killaloe Start

The Club has many prominent women sailors, but also runs a special event, on June 7th, where there will be special races, and where the entire fleet is encouraged to get as many of our female friends and family out on the water for the day. This race will take place with a start in Killaloe, to coincide with the Pink Ribbon Walk  in Killaloe. That hugely popular walk takes place on Sunday June 8th -start at 1.30pm in the Lakeside Hotel.

In 2014, this popular event is being run in conjunction with Action Breast Cancer with the objective of helping that organisation raise €20,000 for its necessary work.