Membership details and Application Form

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Membership details and Application Form 2014
Dear Sir/Madam,
Garrykennedy sailing Club is always happy to welcome new members to the club. Whether you come with a boat (Ordinary Membership cost €60) wanting to race with us, or simply want the opportunity to come sailing as Crew on an existing boat (Crew Membership €30), you are very welcome. We will do our best to get you acquainted with our members, and to make sure that you enjoy your sailing on Lough Derg.
If you are not familiar with the club and its existing members, we are happy to give you a 1 year temporary membership to get you started in the expectation that during this time we can elect you as an ordinary member. Please complete the attached form and send it, together with your cheque in the amount of €60 (or €30 for Crew Membership) to the Hon Secretary at the following address: