The Club has many wonderful trophies which are awarded typically for one of the GSC Club races, and are rotated between Class 1 and 2 so they are shared among all the boats and classes racing at GSC. We hope soon to produce a list of all their recorded winners. These trophies are great reflections of the Club and its Members over the years, record people and events of importance and are very much in keeping with the ethos and fun which has been at the core of GSC sailing from the beginning.

Our thanks to Eleanor Reilly, a founding member and long serving treasurer of GSC who has from the depths of her memory compiled this for the benefit of all those interested in Garrykennedy Sailing Club. If you know additional information about these trophies or their provenance, please let us know, we will be happy to add to these summary details.


Lawless Anchor

Pat Lawless is the only person who has been given honorary life membership of Garrykennedy Sailing Club. He is from Limerick City and spent 2 years sailing single handed around the world in the mid 1990’s. Afterwards he presented the anchor to the club and as we do not have a clubhouse it was decided to have it as a racing trophy.

Islandmore Plate

Sue Smithwick when Commodore in 2007 presented the Islandmore Plate. It was an old trophy in the ownership of her late father-in-law, Major John Smithwick, and had been originally presented by Martin Winston the owner of Islandmore.

Asgard Trophy

This trophy was made by Reggie Goodbody and presented to the club in 2007 in memory of the Irish Sail Training Vessel of that name which sank around that time.

Barge Wheel

This was presented to the club by Dan Larkin who owned the Barge Inn (now Larkin’s Pub) in Garrykennedy. He was one of the founder members of the club and the Barge Inn was where the whole idea of a sailing club for Garrykennedy was born.

Ciss Ryan Cup

This was presented by Roy and Denise Breen, the owners of Ryan’s Pub in Garrykennedy. Ciss Ryan was the original owner of Ryan’s Pub and quite a ‘character’ in the locality.

Visitors’ Cup

This trophy was presented to the club in the early years by families who had holiday houses in the village, and so were more “visitors” than “locals”. They were Mrs Jerry Regan, Joe Reynolds and the late Mrs Sue New.

Garrykennedy Time

This was presented by Michael Reilly who was one of the founder members of the club

Lady of the Lake

This was presented by Willie McGrath whose family have lived in Garrykennedy for many generations. Willie was the first commodore of the Club. It is one of the portholes of the sailing/working barge of the same name which was owned by the McGrath family and sailed by Willie’s father and grand-father. It was decommissioned over 60 years ago. Willie carved the frame for the porthole from a piece of local elm wood

Racing Spirit

This was presented by Joe Reynolds who was one of the founder members

Parker Price Trophy

The Parker family, the first of whom Colonel Parker, arrived at the time of Cromwell, owned a very large amount of land on the shores of Lough Derg and the late Mrs Jerry Parker Price, the last of his direct descendants, spent the later part of her life living in Castlelough, just around the corner from Youghal Bay. She thought the idea of a local sailing club was a good one and so she presented this trophy to the club.

O’Callaghan Bell

This was presented to the club by Peter and Joy O’Callaghan, early members of GSC and active racing sailors on their yacht Fara.

Youghal Cup

In the early years of the club Eleanor Reilly organised sailing courses for children. Following these initial forays into junior sailing the club organised regular week-end sailing for junior members with Peter Cagney providing the impetus to have racing for the children in Mirror Dinghies. The Cagney Family presented the Youghal Cup as a trophy for these races. Over time junior sailing faded away (lured by the larger summer camp courses and bigger fleets at Lough Derg Yacht Club in Dromineer) and so, with Peter’s agreement, the cup was re-presented as a trophy for the cruisers.

Mountaineer Trophy

This was presented by the Hughes Family in the early years of the club. It was locally crafted by Puckane Crafts.

Eddie Regan Trophy

This was the first trophy that the club was given. Joe Reynolds was one of the founder members and he had bought his first sailing boat from Eddie Regan and the barometer came with the boat. Eddie died the following year and so Joe felt that it would be fitting that the barometer should be given to the club in memory of his friend.

Castlelodge Cup

This was presented to the club by Maurice Holmes who was one of the early club members and his family lived in Castlelodge outside Roscrea.

Friends’ Plate

This is a trophy that is given each year to the person who (in the view of the committee) has been of great service to the club but is not someone who also gets racing prizes.

Claret Jug

This was presented to the club in 2007 by Charles Cavanagh and family. Charlie sails the Bavaria “Charlie’s Angel” This is awarded to the boat that participated in most races but had not won any race.