Who Are We

rief History: We are a club of enthusiastic keelboat sailors based on the Tipperary shores of Lough Derg, most of whom keep their boats in harbours close to Garrykennedy. The Club was founded in 1985 by a group of like minded sailors who wanted relaxed fun but competitive cruiser racing on the Tipperary shore of Lough Derg. Many of those founder members are still very active and the ethos and spirit of the club emanates from the those early days. The emphasis was always on having fun, but the racing is competitive, with many races won by mere seconds on corrected time. Throughout the mixed fleet, there are individual match races going on as well, as evenly matched boats vie for advantage. Champagne has been known to change hands following a particularly well fought race. The social aspect is not forgotten and we enjoy great times together, ashore and afloat.
Membership: We have 50 members, mainly boat owners, but an active group of about 150 sailors of all ages and capabilities comprising crew, partners, family members and friends.

We have no clubhouse, we just meet up for our weekly racing and occasional social events, the best time to meet people is to come along for the regular briefings, Saturdays usually at 12 noon in Garrykennedy (see Race Calendar for dates).

What do you need to join us? New members are always welcome, and most boat owners are always on the lookout for new crew, (NO experience necessary) just enthusiasm and interest required!

We need members of ALL ages, some of the crews are very young (and well able to show their skippers a clean pair of heels), and others are equally in the youth of their old age, well able to quote rules and give instructions, and tease you mercilessly when out racing – so whatever your age or ability, we will find something and someone for you!

All you need to go sailing are a few outdoor sports clothes, decent non slip runners (or Dubarry type sailing shoes or boots), waterproof jacket (to keep rain and spray off you), warm cloths and a buoyancy aid (life jacket). Most skippers can loan you a lifejacket until you get started. Sometimes a change of trousers if you get wet can help! You do need to dress for the weather!
Directions to Garrykennedy